Saturday, September 29, 2012

What spooky things will you make for Halloween?

Halloween is not big in Australia like it is in the northern hemisphere but that is no excuse not to join in on the craft fun. Last night I sketched a skull onto white solid cotton with my new Pentel gel roller fabric pen. They are brilliant pens. I purchased mine at the FatQuarterShop along with some other fabulous notions. 

The Pentel Pens come in 3 colours - black/blue and red. They have a fine point and they behaved well on the cotton fabric. No smudging or bleeding. They are water based and permanent on most fabrics. The water based pigment withstands multiple washes. I set with a hot iron ( no steam ) and it did not smudge. Very impressed with this product. It will come in handy making quilt labels.

This is still a work in progress. I think another border of some spooky fabric and quilt using a spiderweb pattern in orange thread.

What will you be making for Halloween? Have you seen anything on Pinterest / Instagram / Facebook that has inspired you?

Blueberry Park

The lovely Karen Lewis from Blueberry Park sent me all the way from the UK, some small samples of her beautiful screen printed fabrics to make something. So I made this:

I used Karen's fabric to make three EPP (English Paper Pieced) flowers and appliquéd them to a pieced quilt top. 

It was quilted in a floral design which reflected the floral element found in the fabric using four colours of thread.

The pieced backing included the lime fabrics.

Thank you Karen for the privilege of using your fabrics to make this project. It will be finding a home with a good friend.

Karen is a self taught designer from Leeds who designs and screen prints her own fabrics. Check out the gorgeous fabric and handmade items at her shops.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My friend the Ant

School holidays have started and 'Spring has Sprung' in Brisbane, bringing warm, fine weather and with it loads of 6 and 8 legged friends.

My friend, Anti, has been visiting the quilt room for over a year. It just hangs around at night when I quilt but never crawls on me. Very strange. I wonder what it is there for? Does anyone else have creatures that visits them while they sew? Maybe it is the reincarnation of a quilter! Ew, I hope I don't have to kiss it like in the Princess and the Frog fairytale. I wish it was like the Elves and the Shoemaker and finish and bind all my quilts overnight.

My friend, the Ant

I have placed my Mantra near my computer and am happily juggling entertaining the kids with work. The thing I love about holidays is the relaxed mornings where you don't have to get uniforms and lunches ready and rush out the door by 8am.

I have so many projects I have been working on but because they are 'Secret Squirrel' projects I am not at liberty to divulge their nature. I am, although, allowed to show a few pictures of the cuts.

Indie by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabrics
Summerville by Lucy Summers for Moda
Karen Lewis Fabrics
The dog that looks like a rug on the Karen Lewis quilt.
My beautiful neighbour sent me a picture of the quilt and bed runner I gifted to her 11 year old daughter for her birthday. It is so rewarding to see my handiwork used and loved. This was a recent recipe from the ModaBakeShop.

More goodies from beautiful friends from the social networking cyberspace have arrived. Karen from Lintonville, aka queen of the swoon, sent me a package with gorgeous fabrics, a thread charm, 'You Sew Girl' badge and a linen tea towel displaying the English royal lineage.

Sally from Sallys Quilting Corner made this gorgeous woven basket in batiks. Perfect for my FQ bundles. I have made a bag using this technique before and I know the work involved in making these projects.

Thank you Karen and Sally for your generosity. Your gifts will always be treasured and find a happy place in my home to be displayed.

Both gifts have made it from the Northern Hemisphere to the land down under in no time at all. The postal service must be getting into gear for Christmas mail (we can only hope)

The Travelling Stashed FB group stash arrived - Sasha. This stash is made up of fabrics, haberdashery, patterns and notions. The idea is to take what you want, replace items and then pass it on.

The Stash
I took the blade (always needed one of those), the wonder clips (excellent for bindings and EPP), 2 zips (to overcome my fear of zips) and a piece of turquoise fabric with little cacti on it (Favourite colour and it was pretty cute).

My Selection
I added to the stash, 1 x spool Masterpiece 50wt thread, 1 Double Chocolate charm pack, Sew on labels, blue wash out pen, thimble and some pretty Christmas ribbons.

Replacement items

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sweet Treats Blog Hop

Sweet Treats Blog Hop

This October I will be participating in a 'sweet' little hop making a project from one mini charm pack and some co-ordinating fabric. Mini charms are 2.5" squares of your favourite Moda fabrics in a convenient pre-cut stack.

Ticklish by Me and My Sisters 2.5" charm pack
The fabulous FatQuarterShop will be sponsoring the hop and each participant will be giving away a $25 gift voucher.

Joining me on the hop will be:

Sunday 7th - Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts (co-ordinator)

Monday 8th - Beth at Plum and June

Tuesday 9th - Jennie and Clara at Clover and Violet

Wednesday 10th - Lindsey at Happier Than A Bird

Thursday 11th - Kristy at Quiet Play

Friday 12th - Jane at Want It, Need It, Quilt

Saturday 13th - Wrap up and final giveaway at Blossom Heart Quilts 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Celebrating With Recipes

To celebrate the launch of the new book - Sweet Celebrations - from the Moda Bake Shop, the chefs are participating in a blog hop filled with delicious recipes, celebrating all occasions. 

To be in the draw for some great prizes, visit every chef between 1 - 12 October and collect all the recipes. 

I am scheduled for the 5th October and will have a giveaway along with a favourite fathers day recipe.

Blog Tour Schedule

October 1 - StashBooks and Moda Cutting Table

October 2 – Melissa Mortenson and Melissa Corry

October 3 – Mary Lane Brown and Natalia Bonner

October 4 – Lissa Alexander and Corey Yoder

October 5 – Jane Davidson and Angela Yosten

October 6 – Jo & Kelli Kramer and Stefanie Roman

October 8 – Angela Mitchell and Ellie Roberts

October 9 – Katie Blakesley and Aneela Hoey

October 10 – Amy Smart and Angela Pingel

October 11 – Vanessa Christenson and April Rosenthal

October 12 – Moda Bake Shop

October 14 - Readers have until midnight to comment at all participating blogs.

October 19 - Winners Announced.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bop in the Round

Thomas Knauer sent me a little surprise of his gorgeous children's prints - Savanna Bop, to play with. So, I made this baby play mat, using my own design (making it up as I go).

My favourite fabric in the whole collection is this one which I used in the backing.

I still have more to create a matching cot quilt. So stay tuned, there is more to come.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Moda Arriving tomorrow

Arriving in the little e-shop tomorrow are the collections - Kasuri, Enchanted Garden, Simple Marks, The Morris Apprentice and Ticklish.

This collection of hand painted floral prints are as breathtakingly beautiful as a gallery of Impressionist masterpieces. The Enchanted Garden’s flowerbeds flourish with a vast array of blooming tulips, pretty poppies, and lush lilies as far as the eye can see while delicate vines meander along the terrace. Romantic rose reds, violets, and marigolds portray nature’s artistry and grace.

Experience a taste of Japanese tradition with prints inspired by ancient Ikat and Indigo dyed fabrics. Reminiscent of antique kimonos embellished with cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums and geometric motifs in a variety of shades from the deepest midnight navy to softer, dusty blues and subtle naturals, Kasuri exudes classic Japanese sophistication and understated elegance. 

Simple Marks by Malka Dubrawsky
Unlike many of the fabrics I've created in the past, Simple Marks was inspired by concepts rather than visual inspirations. Ideas about patterning that felt hand drawn, inviting, functional, yet graphic informed the design of this collection. I wanted the maker's hand to be apparent and for the patterns to feel familiar because of their simplicity. Designing with ideals as a starting point was a new and different way to work, but I feel the method yielded fabrics that can be crafted into a wide range of beautiful and functional items, both small and large in scale and scope.

The Morris Apprentice by Barbara Brackman
This new collection of William Morris design celebrates the master apprentice John Henry Dearle. In the late 1870s the 18-year-old art student was hired as a showroom assistant. Twenty years later he was Head Designer putting his own stamp on the Morris style. The prints in The Morris Apprentice reflect Dearle's new directions. He added color and line from art nouveau in designs like "Helena" and "Foliage." Pattern repeat took on a Persian formality in "Eden." Dearle became Art Director in 1896 after Morris's death, guiding the firm into the Twentieth Century.

Ticklish by Me and My Sister Designs
The definition of "Ticklish" … ticklish [tik-lish] adjective 1. sensitive to being tickled These prints will bring a smile to your face as they tickle your fancy! You will especially love the super soft flannels! These fabrics will lightly touch in a way that causes laughter!

Monday, September 17, 2012

100 Quilts for Kids

Katie from Swim, Bike, Quilt  is a wonderful quilter who donates a large portion of her talents and time to making charity quilts. 

Katie and other quilters around the world support many of the charities providing joy and comfort in the form of quilts -  Margaret's Hope ChestBumble Beans Basics,do.Good StitchesProject Linusthe work done by Sarah and her Quilt Ministry, andSiblings Together, women's shelters, hospitals, disaster relief, Childhood Kidney Support Group, just to mention a few.

The idea is simple: 

Make a quilt or 2. Donate it to a child in need, locally if you can.

Enjoy a blog hop that runs from July 2-September 25, 2012, complete with inspiration and mini prizes. 

Join in on a 100 Quilts for Kids Quilt Along (Kick-off post on July 15 at Swim, Bike, Quilt)

Have a chance to win great prizes from sponsors, including ModaFat Quarter ShopWestwood AcresRowan Free Spirit, and Ty Pennington Impressions, among others that will shortly be announced.

Spread the word to family and friends!

Smile, knowing you used your skills for good. 

Visit these sites for more information and see all the wonderful quilts being made and donated.

Swim, Bike, Quilt
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Swim, Bike, Quilt"><img src="" alt="Swim, Bike, Quilt" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

We would love your help getting the word out. Just copy and paste the code above and paste it into your sidebar, or blog post.  Tweet. Instagram. Facebook. You know the drill. Thanks!

and the list of blog hop participants here:

July 2: Lynne @ Lily’s Quilts

July 16: Lee @ Freshly Pieced

July 23: Katy @ Monkey Do
Erin @ Sewing Summit

July 30: Dana @ Old Red Barn Co
Heather @ Olive & Ollie

August 6: Jessica @ Twin Fibers
Holly @ Bijou Lovely

August 13: Leigh @ Leedle Deedle Quilts
Heather  Megan @ Quiltstory 

August 20: Melissa @ Happy Quilting 

August 27: Jeni @ > In Color Order
Miranda @ One Little Minute

September 3: Ellen @ The Long Thread 
Faith @ Fresh Lemons Quilts

September 10: Elizabeth @ Oh , Frannson!
Anne Marie @ Gen X Quilters

September 17 Cheryl @ Dining Room Empire
Jane @ Quilt Jane

September 24: Angela @ Moda Home Mom
September 25: Sara @ Sew Sweetness

Here are some ideas for easy children's quilts.

The charm and circle quilt. Made with 6" finished solid squares and 5" circles, fussy cut and stitched on to every alternative square. This would make a great eye spy quilt using animals / shapes / bright colours (probably not the flirty girls for children but it was the only example I had)

The lollipop quilt. 5" charms, with appliqué lollipops. Pattern found here.

Charms on point with appliqué stars

Charms with sashing.

Staggered Charms.

Scrappy String Quilts - Pastels (pattern found here)

or colourful

Panels are fun too and all you need is a border and some fancy quilting and voila.

So get together with a group of quilting friends and make a fun day of making some quilts for a child in need. Your gift will be well loved and cherished.