Thursday, September 27, 2012

My friend the Ant

School holidays have started and 'Spring has Sprung' in Brisbane, bringing warm, fine weather and with it loads of 6 and 8 legged friends.

My friend, Anti, has been visiting the quilt room for over a year. It just hangs around at night when I quilt but never crawls on me. Very strange. I wonder what it is there for? Does anyone else have creatures that visits them while they sew? Maybe it is the reincarnation of a quilter! Ew, I hope I don't have to kiss it like in the Princess and the Frog fairytale. I wish it was like the Elves and the Shoemaker and finish and bind all my quilts overnight.

My friend, the Ant

I have placed my Mantra near my computer and am happily juggling entertaining the kids with work. The thing I love about holidays is the relaxed mornings where you don't have to get uniforms and lunches ready and rush out the door by 8am.

I have so many projects I have been working on but because they are 'Secret Squirrel' projects I am not at liberty to divulge their nature. I am, although, allowed to show a few pictures of the cuts.

Indie by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabrics
Summerville by Lucy Summers for Moda
Karen Lewis Fabrics
The dog that looks like a rug on the Karen Lewis quilt.
My beautiful neighbour sent me a picture of the quilt and bed runner I gifted to her 11 year old daughter for her birthday. It is so rewarding to see my handiwork used and loved. This was a recent recipe from the ModaBakeShop.

More goodies from beautiful friends from the social networking cyberspace have arrived. Karen from Lintonville, aka queen of the swoon, sent me a package with gorgeous fabrics, a thread charm, 'You Sew Girl' badge and a linen tea towel displaying the English royal lineage.

Sally from Sallys Quilting Corner made this gorgeous woven basket in batiks. Perfect for my FQ bundles. I have made a bag using this technique before and I know the work involved in making these projects.

Thank you Karen and Sally for your generosity. Your gifts will always be treasured and find a happy place in my home to be displayed.

Both gifts have made it from the Northern Hemisphere to the land down under in no time at all. The postal service must be getting into gear for Christmas mail (we can only hope)

The Travelling Stashed FB group stash arrived - Sasha. This stash is made up of fabrics, haberdashery, patterns and notions. The idea is to take what you want, replace items and then pass it on.

The Stash
I took the blade (always needed one of those), the wonder clips (excellent for bindings and EPP), 2 zips (to overcome my fear of zips) and a piece of turquoise fabric with little cacti on it (Favourite colour and it was pretty cute).

My Selection
I added to the stash, 1 x spool Masterpiece 50wt thread, 1 Double Chocolate charm pack, Sew on labels, blue wash out pen, thimble and some pretty Christmas ribbons.

Replacement items


  1. LOL - imagine trying to kiss an ant, not something I'd care to try either! I don't have any creepy crawly visitors when I sew, but I do have a spider in my entry who keeps the bugs down for me, so maybe he gets them all before they can get to my craft room.

    Definitely wish I had some of those elves to help finish things too. I'd be happy if they'd cut the fabric ready for me to sew, and basted my quilts for me. I don't mind the rest of it :)

  2. This spring,(here it's in March) my sewing room was invaded by ants. I armed myself with a can of RAID next to the sewing machine. I was searching for their entry way. You can usually find them in a line marching right in making themselves at home. Couldn't find it. then I realized they were dropping on me! The florescent light above me was covered. So, I held my breath as I sprayed the light fixture above me as not to electrocute myself;) One good spraying a day kept them at day! I can see why you chose the little Clover binding clips. Those little suckers are expensive! (want some) All of your projects are so pretty!! Was the Moda recipe yours? Love that one!

  3. Wow, so much news and so much sewing in this post. All is lovely.


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