Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dress up Your Roll Competition Extended

The competition has been extended to 1st April 2012 so, there is still plenty of time to Dress up Your Roll and win some fabulous prizes.

For the international bloggers, a $100 Fatquartershop is up for grabs and for the locals, a $100 voucher at my little e-shop or a lap sized quilt professionally quilted by me.

There have been many excellent and very entertaining entries submitted to the Flickr group so far.  They are easy and fun to make.

I have designed a very simple tutorial to get you started here.

So, grab your roll and dress it up. 


  1. Thanks Jane. The idea is in my head but is being very slow to come out, the extension will help. Would that be considered mental constipation, given the subject matter??? Tracee xx

  2. Pretty cool...ok, this made me chuckle..around here we are always hiding the rolls...


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