Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dress Up Your Roll Entries

1. Angry Bird, 2. IMG_1834, 3. 002, 4. A Crown for Your Thone - DYR, 5. toilet paper cover, 6. IMG_1833, 7. 1st outhouse roll cover side view, 8. DSC03315-1, 9. DSC03314-1, 10. 013, 11. DSC03305-1, 12. 018

These are the wonderful entries submitted so far for the Dress Up Your Roll Competition. Great prizes to be won from FatQuarterShop and me.

Hurry, entries close 1st March 2012.


  1. who would have believed it, grin love them...
    Jane did you get my email regarding retreat in June?

  2. brilliant... well done everyone...

  3. how gorgeous, some clever minds at work there.

  4. ROFL, love them, especially the angry bird (perfect for a the day after a curry? ;o) )


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