Friday, March 11, 2011

Quilting Block Swaps Australia is turning 1

I am a member of the Quilting Block Swaps Australia #1 Swap. Each month I swap a 12 1/2" unfinished block with someone around the world.

Sue, our fearless swap organiser ( QBSA #1) based in South Australia, works very hard to keep, not one but two swaps going. There are approximately 50 members in each swap. I know we women can multitask but Sue is the ultimate Super Block Swap Woman.
Currently, there are four block swaps:
  1. Quilting Block Swap Australia #1 - Managed by Sue
  2. Quilting Block Swaps Australia #2 - Alex
  3. The 6" block Swap - Managed by Sue
  4. The Christmas Quilting Block Swap Australia - Crafty Pug
Please visit Quilting Block Swaps Australia and become a Block Head like me and many others.


    1. I am a member of each one of those great swaps. Loads of fun!!

    2. I am a member of Group #1 as well, and I agree, Sue does a great job with Group #1 & the new 6" group.
      But I feel credit must also be given to Alex for QBSA #2 and Crafty Pug for the Christmas swap group.
      ALL of these lovely ladies do a fantastic job ;-)

    3. Jane thank you for participating, you made me laugh, Quilted hugs, Sue


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