Monday, November 22, 2010

The Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap - Only three places left

Wow, we have members from Iceland, India, Denmark, Australia, Canada and the States. Geniene (my hexie angel) and I have been making Welcome flowers for those members who joined after we started the November round. Some are on their way, others will be posted next week.

On November 30th I will post the link for the December list and e-mail all members with the link.

I have noticed that the "simple link" program does not always add new members to the list. If you fill in your details and nothing happens, please e-mail me at

We have three places left so, if you are interested in a fun and simple swap, please add your name before November 30 2010.


  1. Great job Jane! You are a great coordinator of us all. Who thought when you first started that you could get us up to almost 30 members. Congratulations on a fabulous job.


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