Monday, November 29, 2010

Caffeine Carpets

I had to make a little present for John''s kindy teachers so I search the internet and low and behold everyone is making these things called, "Mug Rugs".  Hmm, not so fussed on the name, so I renamed them "Caffeine Carpets" ( or maybe "Cuppa Mates" ).

For my first attempt, I used a border print for the pocket and hexie flower and aged muslin for the background and backing. The hexies have 1/2" sides.

Second attempt.

If you could rename the Mug Rug, what would you call it?

I had to put a picture of my Cool Poodle. He has just been sheared for summer.


  1. Love the new name--caffeine carpets. How about cocoa coasters!

  2. I think I'm addicted to making these. Made another one today. I love your new name - Caffeine Carpets! Great!

  3. It's gorgeous. Interesting, the hexagon flower appeared subsided at first sight.

  4. Yes, keep the name Caffeine Carpet!!

    Seems funny to hear you say 'summer' whilst we get all covered up under quilts for the winter!

  5. what about tea tidy? I don't drink coffee.
    Love the little hexagon flowers! nothing like a new haircut.

  6. Love your name for the mug rug....I can't think of anything better, been sitting hear trying to think of something that goes with tea...Tea towel!?
    I have made an apron for one of my sons kindy teachers so far, finished it Saturday night, problem is I worked out I need to make 5 if I include the assistants.

  7. Caffeine carpet - what a great name! I like all of the names already suggested above too!! Since I drink diet 7-up I guess mine could be called soda saver. I love the little hexagons in the caffeine carpet you made.

  8. Your mug rug is just beautiful and so is your poodle.

  9. hahaha... love your caffeine carpet name.... mmm i dont know what i would call em!

  10. I don't have a joke, but your hexies are beautiful.
    Greetings from Joke

  11. Deine "Caffeine Carpets" sehen wundervoll aus!!!
    Dein Pudel auch :o) Hier bei uns würde er fürchterlich frieren!!!

    Viele Grüße aus dem eiskalten Deutschland,


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