Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baking with Fandango Clams

Moda Bake Shop have featured another of my recipes, named Fandango Clams.

I really enjoyed making this quilt using the drunkard path block and Curve Master foot. Kate Spain's Fandango collection is so beautiful and refreshing. I just love turquoise blue.

The quilt has now found a home with a charity and is being raffled next month. I will be making this quilt into a kit with templates and pattern and posting on my shop very soon.


  1. That is a lovely quilt and how wonderful it is going to charity.

  2. Love this! The colours are wonderful and the design is exciting
    ...something new and interesting which is so fun!!! Well done! Congrats on your spot on Moda!

  3. How nice of you to donate that lovely quilt. I really did enjoy your tutorial, thank you.

  4. Great quilt. The pattern is very effective.
    Lovely flowers on the go too!


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