Monday, October 25, 2010


When I design a quilt and need a solid to enhance a fabric collection I usually reach for a cream, black, red or white solid. They are easy and popular choices to buy in bulk and go with virtually 99% of all fabrics ranges, particularly solid white, which has become a popular fabric choice for showcasing the new fresh retro / vintage / modern fabrics and designs that are available today. The paler greys are also a popular choice.

These days I am challenging myself to use the wide variety of beautiful solids offered by the designers such as Moda. I love the range of Bella Solids, Basic Grey grunge solids and solids offered with other designer ranges. Turquoises, chocolates, charcoals and retro brights (lime, orange, pinks) are wonderful to bring alive the gorgeous prints in our quilts.

Moda Origins Grunge Solids by Basic Grey
Bella Solid Lime goes beautifully with Kate Spain's 12 days of Christmas
Bella Solid Robins Egg makes the City Weekend tones dazzle

I always have the Bella Solids card available and match solids to Moda designer ranges, picking out the colours and shades that contrast or complement the collection.

Don't limit yourselves to one solid. Try combining many in similar tones for a subtle look or mix them up with contrasting solids that pop out of the project.

So ladies and gentlemen quilters take the challenge and resist the White. I would love to see what you have created.


  1. so wishing I had read this yesterday - BEFORE I selected the Kona white as a neutral for a baby quilt I'm making. LOL ;)

  2. Hi there, where can one get the Bella Solids card? From the Moda web site? Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I'd like to know where to get the Bella Solids card too. Also do you know of an online fabric shop that carries a wide range of the bella solids?

  4. I purchased my Bella Solids / Kona Solids Cards on the internet at
    I am sure if you look on the internet there may be other shops that supply them. United Notions ( are Moda so it may be worth while looking on their site for information. The best on-line shop would have to be Kimberley and the team are fantastic.

  5. Because I work out of donated stash for our ministry quilts, I usually try a variety of our available solids to see which will work best with my pattern fabrics. Sometimes this results in very unique color combinations - but if it's what makes the quilt sing, that's what we go with! It's so much fun!!

  6. Great idea, Jane! Yes, I will try using colour in my backgrounds and not just white!!! (Although I did just decide on white for my Inchy Hexagon Flowers, lol). You always have such good advice! Thank you!


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